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PROUDLY  Sponsoring SAN Parks Anti Poaching

We are proud to assist the SAN PARKS anti poaching with our solar system. With our solar system, we provide all the necessities, for the anti poaching team to do there difficult work more efficiently. From this base station they can operate into affected areas where poachers are operating. This allows for the anti poaching team to remain close to the affected areas for a longer period. Normally the team would replenish foods and charge radio batteries from rangers outposts. Now all this can be done in the field, even while patrolling.


Solar lights supplied to Ekhurhuleni Municipality for informal settlement housing.

INNOVATION. Nthabiseng Msibi, seen during the launch of the ‘Light up your life’ campaign, in Duduza. The campaign aims to install solar powered lighting systems in informal settlements across AFRICA.