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Built in Safety Protection Features

Reverse polarity solar panel with 65mm hail damage rating

Short-circuit solar panel protection

Automatic low voltage cut off to prevent battery damage

Automated Night time reverse-current leakage protection

Internal controller software to minimise sulphating, extending battery life and performance

Sensing circuitry to prevent overcharging of battery


Above systems providing 10+ continuous hours of lighting and cell phone charging.

 • Key components designed and manufactured in South Africa. Solar light systems are self-contained,  maintenance free and housed in a durable flame proof  enclosures.

 • Local production guarantees after-sales peace of mind and parts availability.

 • Easy plug and play installation and no need for expert and costly installations.

 Our light systems are designed, specifically for informal housing, where the installation of electrical infrastructure is not  possible, is impractical or is cost prohibitive.

    4  LIGHT SYSTEM                         6 LIGHT SYSTEM                                8 OR 12  LIGHT SYSTEM

    Cel/TAB Charging                       280 lumin LED lights                    Solar PV Panels 20 watt - ~

Modular Systems