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Go-it-alone types know that solitude can be a mixed blessing. Sure, there’s something

appealing about the single-mindedness and sense of ownership that come from pursuing

a big goal or project all on your own. 

By pooling knowledge, expertise, resources and contacts, two gentlemen leveraged each

other’s strengths and experiences.

The one having a B Sc in Building management, the other a Ph D in renewable energy, gave

rise to a formidable expert team, having over 60 years of business acumen between them.

Their philosophy is gained from years of experience working and dealing on the African


One so often, if not always, find companies working in African countries for personal gain.

Leaving contracts unfinished and in the rare occasion after such contracts with no skills gain,

no after sales service and more importantly no employment for locals.

Enter Mr. Iain MacLean and Dr. Johnny Naude, their solution is simple yet formidable, licence a

local company in a country to manufacture, assemble, build and sell a product which complies to

Renewable (green) world standards

Solar Charging