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Africa is blessed with an abundance of sunlight and we must make full use of this resource.

Without the benefit of electricity, communities cannot be empowered to improve their circumstances, further their children’s education and improve their overall standard of living. ILog Systems is directly geared towards the community and their advancement.

ILog Systems empowers people throughout South Africa with energy needs. We utilise innovative solar solutions to provide lighting and rudimentary energy. Our products are safe, easy to use and require minimal to no maintenance.

Key Components designed and manufactured in South Africa.

Integration of Communities

In order for a solar program rollout to be successful, consultation with stakeholders and those impacted is

paramount. Our approach is to liaise with community leaders and relevant authorities to facilitate, introduce and educate end-users on the merits and correct use of our systems. To date, community opinion has been extremely well received.

ILog Systems will train members of the relevant communities, who are selected by community leaders, in the following processes of the Solar Smart Box units:

• Roll out and installation

• Instruction of operation to end-user

• End-user’s sign off

• After-sales support

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