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Contaminated water causes ten million people to die annually and is the reason for 80% of  all illnesses in developing countries!

How Does Ozone Water Purification Kill Bacteria and Germs

Ozone is an enriched pure special form of oxygen where three oxygen molecules form one molecule of ozone (O3), whereas the 'normal' atmospheric oxygen is built up by only two atoms of oxygen (O2). Under the UV or discharge's function, oxygen can easily produce ozone, so it is more commonly known as "Activated Oxygen" . Ozone occurs when an electrical charge, such as corona discharge, molecularly disassociates a stable molecule (O2) and splits them apart leaving two unstable atoms (O1) of oxygen.

Seeking stability, these atoms attach to other oxygen molecules (O1) creating ozone (O3).

Ozone Application

Ozone offers many benefits as a disinfectant. It acts on contact to eliminate 99.999% of all bacteria, viruses, and moulds, thereby removing the chance of bio film and slime from forming in the first place. Its bacterial disinfection mechanism works by oxidizing the bacteria cell wall and membrane, causing cell lyses and impairing cell functionality. Bacteria and micro organisms cannot build a resistance to ozone. Ozone exhibits

a short half-life before reverting back to oxygen, its only by-product, and leaves behind no residue.

About Ozone

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